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The way up is yours!

Don’t waste your time on bad promotion – feel the magic of our Spotify Promotion!

Our Spotify Album Plays give you increased reach and competitive advantage. The plays are based on playlist rankings and thus give your tracks increased attention.


How does it work?

  1. Choose how many plays you need
  2. Optionally you can choose from which country your plays should come from
  3. Add to shopping cart
  4. After you pay, we’ll take care of the processing


Why should I buy Album plays?

  • Our plays give you a much easier way to gain popularity
  • Ranking and charts in the playlist
  • Good promotion is necessary for every musician to be successful
  • With the purchase of album plays, you can fully take care of your work – making music – and we do the rest for you!


How long do I have to wait for delivery?

The delivery time depends on the quantity you ordered. More precisely, the higher the number of plays, the longer it will take to generate the full number. After you have made the purchase and paid, your order will be forwarded to our team. Our team will start processing your order as soon as possible.

It usually takes about 3-4 days to see the first results.
We try to deliver every order as soon as possible, but we have a lot of orders in the last few days and therefore delays can occur. We ask for your understanding.

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5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 50.000, 100.000, 150.000

18 reviews for Spotify Album Plays

  1. Jaxon Needham

    My mans got over 20.000 plays on his album!!! Thank you!

  2. Irfan Cherry

    Huge jump after buying this option! My album is going crazy.. Thanks.

  3. locamusic

    Much love from Australia, my artist is more than pleased!

  4. Manahil Spooner

    For real this is the best website…

  5. Marcia Mason

    So satisfied! Will order again for sure.

  6. Belinda Palacios

    Just dropped my album and bought the plays.. So excited!!

  7. Nikkita Cain

    Heeey best wishes from LA, I can not believe that my album has more than 10.000 views!!! Crazy…

  8. Sanya Cleveland

    Best service for Newcomers. Trust me!

  9. Osian Ferrell

    Couldn’t believe it first. But now my followers are rising too…

  10. Caris Rich

    I bought the option for 100.000 and it was the best decision I have ever made.

  11. Heath Knowles

    I thought this is fake. But man I got more plays on my tape than I expected. It’s lit!

  12. Kaia Peacock

    Best service for Newcomers. Trust me!

  13. Ravinder Small

    Frankly was not expecting anything. But the amount of hard work the team behind Rapid Rise provides is unbelievable!

  14. Jem Hooper

    If an unknown artist like me wants to get recognition, there is this nice workaround to get famous quickly. It also tricks the spotify algorithm, so I am willing to pay the fair price. Especially the album plays are the best option for me.

  15. Kadeem Harrington

    Greetings from Cali, it worked flawlessly.

  16. Jeanne Leon

    Straightforward I purchased as a test 20.000 Spotify Album Plays. To me it seemed that the customer reviews were genuine, with 13 reviews on this specific product. That awakened my interest a little bit more, so I typed in my Spotify Album URL which I won’t provide here and I hope this site does not use it for marketing purposes too. To test it a little bit further I did not want to pay via PayPal so I checked other options. Thankfully you can purchase products from this website with credit card too. So I typed in my credentials and hoped for the best. As I said in the beginning, I bought 20.000 Album Plays as a test. I got them after 5 days, which was faster than I expected. Maybe that was an exception, so I bought 50.000 Plays at once. After waiting for 10 days i contacted the support, and they said that such large amounts need more time to be processed. After 3 more days I actually got all my 50.000 plays. I am more than happy to say that this engagement and dedication is what I was looking for. I will definitely buy more from Rapid-Rise.

  17. 1


  18. Matthias Reilly

    Received 10.000 album plays for around 50$. I am more than satisfied with the service.

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