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The way up is yours!

Don’t waste your time on bad promotion – feel the magic of our Soundcloud Promotion!

Our Soundcloud Followers give you increased reach and competitive advantage. The plays are based on playlist rankings and thus give your tracks increased attention.


How does it work?

  1. Choose how many followers you need
  2. Optionally you can choose from which country your followers should come from
  3. Add to shopping cart
  4. After you pay, we’ll take care of the processing


Why should I buy followers?

  • Our followers give you a much easier way to gain popularity
  • Ranking and charts in the playlist
  • Good promotion is necessary for every musician to be successful
  • With the purchase of followers, you can fully take care of your work – making music – and we do the rest for you!


How long do I have to wait for delivery?

The delivery time depends on the quantity you ordered. More precisely, the higher the number of followers, the longer it will take to generate the full number. After you have made the purchase and paid, your order will be forwarded to our team. Our team will start processing your order as soon as possible.

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2.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 50.000, 100.000, 200.000

36 reviews for SoundCloud Followers

  1. Mannypacoy

    Thank you very much guys, nice service 🙂

  2. Daniel Kruger (Germany)

    Best service thank you

  3. xyzHipHop

    Fast and good quality

  4. Kelis Huynh

    I ordered two services for my artists, and this one is the best for sure.

  5. Kyra Barnard

    Love from Stockholm… Definetely the best service! <3

  6. Fionnuala Swanson

    Never felt happy like now about my account.. IT’S CRAZY!

  7. Keir Pruitt

    My friends never thought that this would work out. Haha it is really upm to the mark!

  8. Elle-May Roberson

    In my opinion one of the best Websites on earth!!

  9. Rupert Small

    Why didn’t I find this site before?? It’s greatt!

  10. Cheyanne Mcfarland

    Prices are undefeated… Can’t believe how good this works!

  11. Roseanne Thomson

    Just placed my order! 20k followers… a big one.

  12. Allana Jensen

    I couldn’t imagine where I would be now without this service! Now I am ordering more and more..

  13. Tobi Gibbons

    Is there a better service? I doubt it 🙂

  14. Nabil Bateman

    Close to a deal. I can only thank you!

  15. Cassie Bate

    My profile is better than before… in only one month I gained the double of my order number.

  16. Kamila Roberson

    Good service, will order again!!

  17. Jolyon Keenan

    Best solution for young artist…

  18. Mahek Mill

    50.000. Just placed the order!

  19. Farzana Vance

    Even if I ordered the Plays too, I recommend the followers.

  20. Arla Kramer

    So lucky to find this service!! I never saw my followers rising like now.

  21. Fatma Kay

    First I ordered only 5.000, but now I will order much more!

  22. Ezekiel Amin

    Can you imagine being a small producer.. And then suddenly one week later you get more followers than ever.

  23. Eboni Gill

    WOOOOW!!! This actually works..

  24. Poppy-Rose Stanley

    Rising and shining… Thank you guys!

  25. Mehak Preece

    Bought this service for one of my music artists. They gained popularity across the whole globe and I am willing to spend more money for more artists.

  26. Vishal Howarth

    I am satisfied with the product.

  27. Sachin Parkinson

    Not even that expensive and still worth the money. Will contact you for an option more than 100.000. Greetings!

  28. Amandeep Barry

    Niceee finally a serious and straightforward website!!

  29. Eshaal Wolfe

    When are more options for SoundCloud coming? Cannot wait anymore 🙂

  30. Jeff Ruiz

    Should not have been concerned when I did not get my followers in the promised time frame. My payment was delayed because of reasons. Got it after we solved that problem.

  31. Lindo

    Just ordered 10,000 plays my first time hope this works

  32. Romeo Pratt

    Lets goooo, cant wait to be successful!!

  33. Kasey Campos

    Sincerely a satisfied customer. Thanks!

  34. 1


  35. Nana Bradshaw

    Bought 5.000 Followers some time ago. And they are still on my account!! Great Job!

  36. Andy Richardson

    On and on we go and Rapid Rise steals the show haha

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