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Targeted Traffic


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Get Big with more Traffic!

Our Web Traffic gives you increased reach and competitive advantage. The plays are based on playlist rankings and thus give your tracks increased attention.

Geo-Targeting: In order to get the best results, we offer traffic from different countries and you can choose from which referrer it should come from. An example: this means that if your website is intended for the French-speaking world, it would be an advantage if the traffic was from France.


How does it work?

  1. Choose how many visitors you need
  2. Optionally you can choose from which country your visitors should come from
  3. Choose which niche you want to
  4. Add to shopping cart
  5. After you pay, we’ll take care of the processing


Why should I buy traffic?

  • Our plays give you a much easier way to gain popularity
  • Higher chance to get customers
  • Good promotion is necessary for every musician to be successful
  • With the purchase of traffic, you can fully take care of your work and we do the rest for you!


How long do I have to wait for delivery?

The delivery time depends on the quantity you ordered. More precisely, the higher the number of visitors, the longer it will take to generate the full number. After you have made the purchase and paid, your order will be forwarded to our team. Our team will start processing your order as soon as possible.


Do you need more visitors or several niches/countries at once? Contact us!

9 reviews for Targeted Traffic

  1. Lucas Noel Lorin

    I was worried at first, but then I tried it with only 10.000 visitors. The number of visitors blew up in two days! Will order again for sure

  2. Noah Francis

    I’ve only tested it with 20,000 visitors and I’m really surprised! It’s definitely worth it.

  3. Jacob Parv

    Fast delivery! And quick response… I will surely order again!

  4. Michael Kapersk

    I have chosen the niche of musical instruments. And I honestly didn’t think this would work for me. But then I saw how the number of visitors increased and I am really surprised.

  5. Judy Oneal

    Wow!!! How fast the visitors came!!! This is insane…

  6. Andy Boveretz

    Hello, why didn’t anyone tell me about this site? It’s perfect for me. Greetings from Kopenhagen 🙂

  7. Alexander Wonn

    I have been searching for this type of Website for so long!!! Thank you…

  8. Katharina Lumm

    For my Make-Up advertising I only needed female customers and this helped me a lot!Thank’s. <3

  9. Zui Kaien-Dou

    No words needed.. This page is insane!!! It has nearly every niche. I will definitely come back!

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