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The way up is yours!

Don’t waste your time on bad promotion – feel the magic of our TikTok Promotion!

Our TikTok Followers give you increased reach and competitive advantage. The followers are based on TikTok users and thus give your account increased attention.


How does it work?

  1. Choose how many followers you need
  2. Optionally you can choose from which country your followers should come from
  3. Add to shopping cart
  4. After you pay, we’ll take care of the processing


Why should I buy followers?

  • Our followers give you a much easier way to gain popularity
  • Ranking and charts on TikTok
  • Good promotion is necessary for every musician to be successful
  • With the purchase of followers, you can fully take care of your work – making videos – and we do the rest for you!


How long do I have to wait for delivery?

The delivery time depends on the quantity you ordered. More precisely, the higher the number of followers, the longer it will take to generate the full number. After you have made the purchase and paid, your order will be forwarded to our team. Our team will start processing your order as soon as possible.

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200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000

21 reviews for TikTok Followers

  1. Kirsten Mckenzie

    The team behind RapidRise is talented and customer oriented, everything what fulfills my needs!

  2. Brenna Montes

    Don’t sleep on me, I am getting more and more popular on TikTok!

  3. Duane Sims

    Never left a review on any site, but I think that you guys deserved 5 stars!!!

  4. Esmae Knott

    Self-promo is whack, that’s why I am buying my Followers hehe

  5. Fahim Hogg

    Getting popular on Tiktok is very difficult. I had to take this shortcut

  6. Alfie-Jay Bevan

    I am gonna soon be ranked among the top TikTokers. Niceee!

  7. Kingston Morrison

    Hopefully getting some attention soon!

  8. Leena Hopkins

    Nice service!!

  9. Ritik Drake

    Bought 200 Followers and they came in just after 4 hours. How is that possible?!!

  10. Anastasia Derrick

    Gladly I came across this website, I guess that saved my career.

  11. Danish Jarvis

    Wanted 10.000 Follower and got them all. I can surely say that I am happy 🙂

  12. Alistair Simmons

    That is what I was looking for!!

  13. Imaani Norris

    Cant wait for my Followers to arrive!!

  14. Brandan Hendrix

    TikTok is too popular to not hop on. Need more FOLLOWERS!!

  15. Nikhil Lynch

    Thankful for every service you provide!

  16. Alisha Vaughan

    I like the pricing. Not too high, but decent.

  17. Nathalie Figueroa

    Great job Xo

  18. Lillie-Mae Turner

    The all in one package looks very appealing. Maybe in the future I will consider taking it.

  19. Alasdair Valencia

    The 1000 Followers Package is the best option.

  20. Kara Craft

    It worked!! Greetings from France !!!

  21. Deeksha

    It worked

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